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What happens when you combine an American Idol finalist with a couple of bandmates from Denver Westword's top rated reggae band?  Well, people sing, dance, stomp and shake their booties!  This is The Crush!


The Colorado Springs based band, The Crush has an extraordinary way of cutting straight through to the core of their listeners’ emotions.  Hailed as “Colorado’s radio, rave and festival-ready band,” The Crush’s music has its roots in the pop, disco, reggae, dub and trap genres.  The bands captivating, high-energy performances, transport audiences to the past and present as The Crush keeps the audience dancing, stomping and singing. 


Audience members have described The Crush as “excellent musicianship leaving you wanting more,” “upbeat music with catchy lyrics that make people of all ages want to sing and dance along,” “high energy with a dancy, feel-good vibe.” The Crush’s soul shattering vocals; are led by American Idol finalist and TV personality Claudia Garofalo.  


So what is The Crush?  The Crush formed when two former bandmates of P-nuckle (Denver Westword’s top rated reggae band from 2004-2007), reunited and began collaborating.  Knowing their music needed powerful vocals to provoke a profound response, an unexpected phone call was made to Claudia Garofalo to join the band and the rest is history.           


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